Monday, August 10, 2009


I returned from vacation last night- a week in California camping with the family was such a good stress reliever. I've been so consumed with Cushings, it was time for a break.

While out and about I found a place to buy bulk chasteberry. I got 10 ounces for about $1.60 an ounce- it is quite fragrant and seems fresh. The chasteberry is dry little round balls that you bring home and grind up in a coffee grinder- it takes longer than grinding flax or other seeds, those little balls are tough. The store I bought this herb from is Mt Shasta Herb and Health and they do process mail orders- the lady was very sweet there.

I will be starting Zippy on 2 tbs per day- this seems to be the standard dose. It does not smell really pleasant (some people use it as a pepper of sorts on foods) but I am hoping he doesn't notice if I mix it with his flax.

I do not plan to use this instead of the pergolide, as I am seeing substantial improvement already (just 3 weeks in) but do hope that the chasteberry helps as well.

I also ordered Zippy's next month of pergolide, he goes up to 1 mg per day and I will be using SmartPak's apple flavored powder. The cost is $48.95 which is about $10 more than I paid at Woodinville Pharmacy for the capsules, but the does is twice as high. I also want to see if he is going to be more eager to eat it with the flavoring.

Since he was diagnosed with Cushings I've removed all sweet feed and tasty treats so Zippy just gets timothy pellets and his flax supplement and medicine- he is not enjoying his grain right now and I fear that he will lose interest in it and stop taking the medicine so I want to see if the apple flavor powder makes it more palpable.

It's good to be back, Zippy has lost even more fur- it was hard to be away from him for 8 days but I was relived when the weather cooled down, as I know it keeps him more comfortable.


  1. I have a 25 year old mare diagnosed with Cushings. She's been on .5 mg of pergolide (2 x day) for a year now, but it seems to depress her. I also give her APF to combat the depression, but I'm also interested in learning more about chaste tree berry as an herbal remedy. How is Zippy doing now? Are you still using pergolide?

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